How am I?

How is Servet? That's what I'm talking about myself. I think you'll love it :)

What did i do as a fortune

I will not go back much. After graduating from Mecidiyeköy Anadolu Lisesi, I started working life on software and hardware at Soylu Computer.

I worked here for about 8 years. In the time that I worked, I first developed my skills on hardware. After a while I took on the task of updating the website and software designing on Noble Computer sales. Exactly here are campaigns, banners, flashes, product updates for the website, and simple level code intervention. I spent about 7 sen here on computer sales to institutional customers and making all the updates and designs of my website which is my responsibility.

Later, I went to a digital advertising agency called ClockWork, saying that it was time for the digital sector. I started here as a social media designer. Over time, I've done social media designs for many brands, flash banners, gifler, and then I started designing web pages. It's been about 2 years. After a while, I asked if I could switch to the software side because the frontend is missing and so I was confused with HTML5, Css. Mailingler Html5 banners were found in corporate web site encodings.

My time is here. I needed to improve myself a lot, so I started to develop freelance jobs for myself for a certain period of time and developed places like Jquery Bootstrap, Javascript, Responsive. During this time, I had my interface encodings which I thought I would do good work. Html5 Css I am learning from JQuery javascript issues for sure myself.

It is my greatest desire to improve myself now, for example to learn android and to enjoy my work.


.Net / Visual Studio / Dreamweaver / UX/span>
Bootstrap / UIKit

and me...

Cheerful, excited, enthusiastic, happy and harmonious =)